How to Treat Women Fairly in the Workplace

Gender equality still remains an issue in professional settings; here is how to treat fairly in a workplace (in case you ever get to determine that):

  1. Support women when they occupy senior roles: When the woman gets promoted in the office, make sure you are not one of those who criticize her actions and decisions because of her gender.

  2. Implement gender neutral recruitment processes. Do not join other organizations who recruit more males and females because of gender issues. Consider what they have to offer and employ them based on that, without considering if they are male or female.

  3. Have a clear policy on discrimination. Make sure your organization adopts policies that allow for equality of both genders in the work environment.

  4. Do not pay men differently from women. Earnings should be based on the amount of work a person has done, and not the gender of a person. The salary system should be reviewed and employees be paid what they deserve, without considering their gender.

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