National Broadcasting Commission Announces a Revised Broadcast Code

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has released a revised broadcast code which makes provision for the creation of local content in the broadcast industry. The Code restricts the monopoly of contents and allows for a healthy competition among broadcasters, however, the rules guiding content acquisition, sharing of content rights for the rebroadcasting and technical standards for media services must be followed.

The Code also requires that all online or web broadcasters should be registered with the Commission. It states that the online and web broadcasters shall bear liability for all content on their platforms. International Broadcast stations were also covered as this Code states that international broadcasters transmitting into Nigerian territories should take note of Nigeria’s broadcasting laws for the purpose of reciprocity. The Code also states that where service providers or media platforms fail to comply with the provisions of the Code on online broadcasting, sanctions such as a take-down order, a block or a shut-down order will apply.

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