How the Nigerian Government can a Address the Weaknesses Covid-19 Exposed in the Health Sector

The need for government at all levels to prioritise the health of the people and invest in the health sector has become glaring with the challenge of this pandemic. The coronavirus disease has also shown the susceptibility of the health sector to great risks as medical workers battle to treat infected people with limited equipment and facilities.

It is apparent that little or no attention has been paid to the health sector and the health system in general over the years. For a sector like the health sector to be functioning, top priority in the Nigerian budget should be given to health in terms of capital investments not just on the infrastructures only but also on equipment and facilities. Also, the health workforce should be provided with remuneration packages and incentives which is very important in driving any health system.

If we really want to have a stable and functioning health system, one thing that is essential is that the government must respond rapidly to funding hospitals both at the grass root and federal levels.

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