Easy and Right Steps on How to Teach Your Child to Read

Early learning and reading is key as it fosters love for books for children. Learning to read is a complex process that doesn’t just happen overnight. The best way to teach kids to read is by making it fun and interactive and also by selecting the right books.

Here are easy and right steps on how to teach your child to read:

  1. Read to your child: Children love to imitate adults. The ability to read aloud with understanding and accuracy will make them to be more interested in reading books on their own. Although they may not understand what you are reading but they will become familiar with how books work and be able to distinguish pictures.

  2. Teach one word at a time: At the start, too much text can be overwhelming for a child. Make sure there are not too many words on a page and start by having them pronounce single words before progressing to phrases and sentences.

  3. Play word games: Introduce simple word games regularly. Focus on playing games that encourage your child to listen, identify and manipulate the sounds in words.

  4. Ask questions; Understanding the meaning of words, pictures, their definitions, and their context is important. Asking children what they have read will not only develop their vocabulary and recognition of words, it will also encourage them to interact with the book they are reading.

  5. Create a print-rich environment; Create daily opportunities to build your child’s reading skills by creating a print?rich environment at home. Seeing printed words on posters, charts or books enables children to see and apply connections between sounds and letter symbols.

  6. Be an example to your child; Children are motivated to read when they see their peers or parents read. Usually, they learn by example. Sometimes you may have to pick a book to read for your child’s sake even if you’re not an avid reader. Let them select the books they want to start with.

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