Ogo Maduewesi’s Story with Vitiligo

Ogo is popularly known as “The Vitiligo Warrior”, even though she was not born with the skin condition. She said that she noticed a light patch in the pink inner portion of her lower lip. After a month, she noticed another pale spot on the right side of her face. The spots on her face started spreading; and soon, she gained a lot of attention.

She herself was unsure of what was happening to her and she decided to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she was misdiagnosed for a fungal infection and given a treatment for it. But the patches kept spreading until Ogo decided to find the truth for herself. On an interview with BBC News (Pidgin), she talked about her story of rejection and how people explained what happened to her as consequences of bleaching.

However, Ogo has since been living an amazing life as she indulges in positivity practices like self-acceptance and self-love. Ogo has found her purpose, even with the Vitiligo condition as she is now the Founder and Executive Director of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation, the first Vitiligo patient-driven organization in Africa.

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