Men and Women Friendships: Keep Your Friendships Platonic with this Trick

It’s not unusual to develop romantic feelings for a friend, especially if you spend a lot of time together. However, taking care to set boundaries and respecting their boundaries can help you maintain your friendship.

A platonic friendship is a type of friendship between two people without any sexual or romantic involvement. This depicts that such friendship is purely on mutual respect for each other with no intentions for sexual intimacy.

Friendships are built in stages and they fulfill an important need in our lives depending on the level of the friendship. Asking some certain honest questions or discussing with your friend could provide clarity for both of you. These questions are:

  1. Whether your friend is comfortable with the idea of a platonic relationship

  2. What a platonic  friendship looks like to each of you

  3. How seeing them date other people will impact you

  4. How this type of relationship with this person makes you feel emotionally

It is possible for two people to be friends and just friends. Platonic friends can provide each other with consistent support and love if the relationship is nurtured and healthy boundaries are sustained.

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