The Internet has helped in making a lot of things easy to learn with the use of online classes and software applications. Here are ten work out free apps you can use to stay healthy and fit:

1- 7minute work out App: The easy-to-follow app breaks it down step by step, telling you what exercise to perform and for how long. It also provides a timer for your rest periods and voice prompts which make it easy to keep moving without having to look at your phone

2- Daily Butt workout: From donkey kicks, glute bridges, planks, and squats, this app offers lots of exercises you can do between 5-10 minutes.

3- 8 Fit workouts; This app helps you achieve your weight loss goals. The app allows you to enter your work out goals and then provides the necessary guidance to reach them.

4- Sworkit; Sworkit helps you build and gain consistency. The app is designed to ensure consistency with your workouts. It offers over 400 different videos.

5- Daily Yoga; It offers plenty of poses to choose from, personalized coaches, and even meditation classes for people who want to have a heathy mind.

6- Map my fitness;  This app keep track of any exercise of your choice whether it’s dog walking, yoga or cardio.

7- Lotus Yoga & Workout app; Lotus Yoga app lets you create your own flow by offering 450 yoga poses with descriptions of their benefits and also offers plenty of guided yoga workouts.

8- Apptiv; In this app, you get 30 new workouts that range from stretching to rowing that are added each week, so you’ll never get bored with their options

9- Nike Training Club; This app is designed specifically for females. Each workout provides a detailed video tutorial for every exercise and you can also use the app to track your progress and share your stats on social media.

10- Strava; It is a GPS app that runners and cyclists can use to track their workouts. It provides you with stats like your distance, pace and speed gained.

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