Nigerian Trending Tiktok Challenges

Tiktok birthed a lot of fun challenges on social media. Here are some of them:

1) Bop Daddy challenge ; Nigerian rapper Falz spearheaded this #bopdaddychallenge with his latest single song Bop Daddy ft Ms Banks. Falz added a cash prize to the challenge on his Instagram social media handle.

2) Don’t rush challenge: This challenge is an exciting and transformational one, that allows you to make a fashion statement with variety of pictures in a single video.

  1. Duduke Challenge: This challenge started by Simi, a Nigerian musician who used the challenge to promote her song. Various people participated in the challenge, either as a real pregnant women or artificially-induced pregnancies made with lots of clothes.

  2. Duet Challenge: This involves making videos with another person on Tiktok. This could either be a funny video or a song.

  3. WhenGodwasmaking challenge: This is a video where a person pours water into a large basin, each bowl of water signifying the proportion of the qualities of the person.

  4. The ‘how you think you sound when singing to your crush vs. how you sound in reality’ challenge: This challenge shows a starking difference between a clear and smooth voice and the complete deafening opposite.

  5. Why are you running challenge: This is an afrobeat dance challenge where you get to show your legwork skills in dancing to the song.

Which of these challenges have you done?

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