How to Overcome Social Anxiety If You Live With Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition that would definitely attract a lot of attention, and in most cases, the person gets bad attention in terms of bullying and harassment from the public. This might later lead to social anxiety and depression, if not properly handled.

Here is how to overcome social anxiety if you have Vitiligo:

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin: This is a golden nugget that should be written on doorposts of every room, school, church and offices. Embrace your skin like it’s a gift from your nist treasured person. No matter what anybody thinks or says, come to that place where you are okay being in your skin.

  2. Be assertive: Do not allow negative comments about your skin. Be assertive about how you feel about yourself. Don’t allow any toxicity come near you. When people tell you how they feel about you with negative words, tell them how you feel about yourself. Be your own cheerleader.

  3. Practice social skills: You don’t have to go into hiding because of vitiligo. Interact with people, old and young. Don’t assume people won’t like you when you have not tried. If you have had a bad social interaction with others because of your skin, don’t use one bad case to judge the others.

  4. Join a support group: There are various support groups you can join, either a physical or a virtual one where you can be encouraged and where you can get the resolve to embrace yourself despite the negativity. If you can’t find any support group around you, then you can start one.

  5. Keep a gratitude journal: Your first instinct might be to complain about yourself but that will only make you more depressed. Look at the positive sides of life and be indeed grateful for the other great things happening to you.

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