How to Celebrate Father’s Day on June 21

Father’s Day is just around the corner; here are ways to celebrate your dad or a father figure you have in your life on June 21:

  1. Write your dad a thank-you letter: ‘Thank you’ is still a magic word that keeps melting hearts every other day. Melt your dad’s heart with a thank-you note and let him understand that you appreciate him for who he is and for what he does. You can mention some of what he did and also some of his qualities which you are grateful for.

  2. Do his hobbies together with him: For the Father’s Day, let his hobbies be your hobbies. If he loves singing, sing with him. If he loves dancing, dance with him. If he loves playing football, play with him. If he loves baking or cooking, do it with him. Let his hobbies be your hobbies for that day, so as to make him feel special.

  3. Ask him if he has any burden he will like to share and listen to him: Fathers carry a lot of burdens, but sometimes, they bear these burdens alone because they want to be the perfect kid for their child. For this special day of celebrating fathers, take it as a special moment of listening to your dad and share his burdens with him.

  4. Have a family celebration for your dad: You can give the other family members a chance too to celebrate your dad. It might be a gift of appreciation or exchange of emotions which might leave everyone teary.

  5. Do something exceptional for your dad: You could sing for him, cook his favourite meal, buy him a gift or do something you do not do every other day for your dad.

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