How Effective Has Democracy Been in Nigeria

By June 12, Nigeria will be celebrating 21 years of democracy after the military rule which had no regard for the Constitution and for the fundamental rights of the people. Democracy ushered in the sovereignty of the people, and people now had the freewill to choose their leaders through electoral processes. Even though Nigeria is now practising the ideal system of government, not much can be said about the progress Nigeria has made as a democratic nation.

Democratic administrations ought to be free, fair and reliable. They are to uphold human rights, provide law and order, make policies that recognizes the citizens needs, create infrastructure and all other mundane things that are expected of them. Sadly, we’ve seen a lot of incompetence in this areas. Unfortunately, abuse of public funds, violence, insecurity of lives and properties has now become the new norm in Nigeria.

As we prepare for Democracy day, we hope we all can join hands together to make democracy really work for us in Nigeria.

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