Go A Step Faster With itel P36 Series

There is nothing more irritating than trying to get things done fast but somehow, ‘village people’ will come out of nowhere to slow things down.

From trying to make an appointment on time and getting stuck in traffic, to battling with downloading that latest music video at a snail-like speed, it is pretty easy to get frustrated when things are not going your way. What’s even more frustrating is when solutions seem to be out of reach.

But there’s an easy solution. With itel P36 series, you’d find that things will be a step faster for you, making it your new normal.

Introduced recently by the smartphone for everyone brand, itel Mobile, itel P36 series is the latest addition to the power series collection from the customer-centric phone brand. The series operates on an upgraded AI Power Master that blends power and speed for the user’s satisfaction.

itel P36 series addresses low battery issues for users. With just 10 minutes of charging, you get to make phone calls for one hour without having to worry about your battery. That makes it easy to initiate important calls and to reach out to the ones you hold dear.

We are just getting started. The 10W fast charge feature on the series is aided by a powerful 5000mAh battery carefully fixed to ensure portability. It takes about three and a half hours to get the series to full charge – two times up from the usual 7.5 hours. The series comprises itel P36 and itel P36 Pro LTE.

P36 Pro LTE comes with 4G LTE for swift internet connection and access to the things that matter. This means great speed to catch up with your favourite series or watch live football.

The 8.6mm sleek and slim unibody design makes moving around with the smartphones easy and cool. Get ready for the attention you’d be getting because the look of the device will definitely make you the centre of attraction.

It’s about time you ditch what’s not working and get on the trainthat ensures you are a step faster than usual.

The itel P36 series is on sale at your preferred online store and at itel branded phone stores around you. Itel P36 costs N33,500 while itel P36 Pro LTE is on sale at N43,500 only.  Go get one for you and yours today!

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