A marriage is a promise of forever but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. A lot of factors cause divorce in a marriage, we have however highlighted 10 out of these many factors.

  1. Infidelity. This is one of the biggest factors that cause divorce in marriage. When either party keeps a sexually intimate relationship outside of marriage, the other party can decide to walk out of the marriage.

  2. Money. The lack, excess or use of it can cause conflict between both parties in marriage. Inability to agree on financial roles and rules can make the marriage tiring.

  3. Lack of communication. Communication is one of the pillars of marriage, when it is absent, the marriage is bound to crumble.

  4. Different values: When both parties do not agree on the same values and principles, they might have a problem in going on with the marriage which will subsequently lead to divorce.

  5. Unrealistic expectations. Some people get married with expectations that are impossible to satisfy which could cause shock and subsequently make the parties walk away from the marriage.

  6. Lack of intimacy. When couples do not share intimate moments, marriage can become boring and lifeless. Rather than stay in a boring and lifeless marriage, some would decide to walk away.

  7. Abuse. An abusive marriage is the quickest road to divorce. The abuse could be emotional or physical.

  8. Incompatibility: Many end up in marriages only to discover that they are incompatible with their partners. This leads to divorce.

  9. Addictions: When a partner is addicted to a bad habit like smoking, it can affect the marriage and lead to a divorce.

  10. Getting married for the wrong reasons: Wrong reasons are peculiar to specific situations. Wrong reasons do not consider the value of commitment in marriage, and this is why it ends up in divorce

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