You can’t do it all because there are sure overwhelming moments. However, you just can’t offload the excess on just anyone. Here are things to look at when making your choices:

  1. Clarify the task in your own mind, make sure you know what part of a job you want to delegate

  2. Delegate to the right person. A person who not only has the skills but will handle the work. Don’t be sentimental in delegating your work

  3. Always have a deadline, give them a deadline, to make sure the work is not done lackadaisically

  4. Communicate orally and write your plan of action. Tell them how you expect them to do the work explicitly and communicate your methods to them.

  5. Check on the progress of your work. Do not leave your team unchecked. Check up on their progress with the work, this strategy will help to limit delays and disappointments.

  6. Praise your delegates, and also give a honest feedback.

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