Babies are always welcome in all season, however, you may be anxious about the health of your baby during this pandemic. Here is how to prevent your baby from being infected:

  1. Adhere to all instructions from the doctor: Your doctor should be your best friend during this pandemic if you have a baby. Make sure you obey all instructions given to you by your doctor and avoid information not authorized by a medical doctor

  2. Do not allow visitors come in close contact with your baby: Most people are always eager to carry babies. But let there be a difference between the people allowed to carry the baby and those who are not allowed to do such. Don’t give your babies to strangers who would even attempt to kiss your baby. Your baby deserves to be protected.

  3. Wash your hands before feeding your baby: It is important that you observe the safety guidelines as a parent or mother of the baby. Wash your hands before feeling your baby and make sure that the feeding instruments used are properly washed and kept from germs.

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