Owning a pet is bound to make you happy, however, these are the advantages and disadvantages you should take note of:

1. Stress relief. Playing with a pet is a sure source of stress relief.

  1. Safety. You can choose to have pets that also serve the purpose of security and safety like dogs

  2. Health benefits. Pets increase the daily activity of the owners, hereby reducing the risk of heart attack or increased cholesterol levels from a sedentary lifestyle

  3. Responsibility. Pets can be used to install a sense of responsibility in children, it helps them to know how to take care of others.

1. Health risks: When you come into close contact with your pet, you might also expose yourself to certain health risks.

  1. Cost. Buying a pet, feeding a pet and ensuring the safety of a pet is also something that should be considered. Evaluate the amount it will cost you to maintain your pet and decide if you still want to go ahead.

  2. Destruction: Sometimes, your pets can destroy a valuable good or property, which might be of a great disadvantage to you

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