The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is ready to deploy a mobile software for the purpose of contact tracing. The Corporation is of the opinion that the contact tracing app will curb the spread of the pandemic as stated by Dr. Kennie Obateru, the NNPC Group General, Group Public Affairs Commission.

He said, “The Contacts-Tracing Solution is ready to be deployed, all the technical testing have been done and the solution is ready to go live. Everywhere you go around NNPC locations would be covered by this novel application which would reveal all information about persons visiting any official and should there be any medical challenge, the NNPC Medical would be able to track from the information at the data base all the contacts and advise properly.” The NNPC Group has also said that the mobile software would be installed in the homes of the staff of the corporation, so as to keep track of the visitors in their homes. This app is said to be a new invention that would curb the spread of the virus.

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