Making the choice between being a house wife or career woman can be difficult especially if you have been exposed wrongly to certain information. If you are undecided as to the path to tread, the following are factors that can help you in making that choice

  1. What are your values? Your values will go a long way in aligning you to the path you think it’s best for you. If your highest value is work and success, you might find yourself on the path of being a career woman. If on the other hand, you consider family and home making as your highest values, you might be on the path of being a housewife. If, however, you desire to combine both paths, you might decide to start your business or get a job that affords you the opportunity to work from home.

  2. The state of finances in your home: This goes a long way in determining whether to be a career woman or be a stay-at-home wife. Most average workers in the country do not have enough resources to manage a home, thus, the current state of finances can make you start your career so that the problem of insufficient resources can be solved.

  3. What are your deepest dreams and aspirations? Follow your dreams and aspirations, follow your goals whether it is being a career woman or being a housewife. Do what is best for you and your family and be authentic in your roles in the society.

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