While COVID-19 outbreak is impacting all industries, the impact on hospitality and tourism sector has particularly been catastrophic and one of the worst affected industry. And for many countries like Nigeria, tourism plays a large and critical role for our growing economy.

At this stage with no vaccines or cure for the virus, easing restrictions for international travel is the least thing to do as several countries still have daily counts on deaths and positive infections, hence causing a likely rise on new covid-19 imported cases from international countries. This, of course , will pose a severe threat to health and life of people across the world.

Also, consideration on how long the pandemic will last, the severity of stringent social distancing restrictions on businesses should be addressed if reopening of the hospitality and tourism will occur.

Meanwhile, local tourism should be encouraged to some degree for the time being. Borders can be re-opened for local travels within the country to substitute for international travels.

With this kind of process, such developments can overtime be helpful. People can go back to their respective jobs, companies in the hospitality sector can re-open and analysis of whether foreign travels is viable can be looked into.

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