GoFundMe page for George Floyd’s family raises $10 million in less than week

A GoFundMe fund-raiser organized by the brother of George Floyd eclipsed $10 million in donations on Tuesday, 2nd Of June, less than a week after it was posted.

The fund-raiser was posted by Philonise Floyd days ago, after the infamous caught-on-video killing of his brother George Floyd by a white police officer who kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes.

The fund will cover costs for the funeral and travel costs related to court proceedings, according to the page. A portion of the pot also will be set aside for the care of Floyd’s children, according to the posting.

“From the bottom of our hearts my family thanks each of you who have reached out,” Philonise Floyd said in the GoFundMe page.

The fund-raiser’s goal was $1,500,000. The page has pulled more than 400,000 individual donations.

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