People who smoke do so because they see smoking cigarette as a form of support system because they believe that smoking helps them overcome struggles, stress, anxiety, feelings of sadness or frustration. Often, it gives a pleasurable feeling especially in social gatherings of other smokers.

Sadly, smokers are more likely to fall into an addiction which can lead to devastating health problems. Many of the health problems linked to smoking can steal away a person’s quality of life long before death. These health problems are heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, high blood pressure, kidney failure and liver diseases are all smoking related illnesses. Also, women who smoke are more likely to have trouble getting pregnant and it increases breast cancer risk too.

The World Health Organization has incessantly warned smokers to quit smoking as it is dangerous for their health. The warnings were made again via the Twitter page of the World Health Organization as the Organzation celebrated “World No Tobacco Day” on Sunday. The Organization tweeted, “It’s #WorldNoTobaccoDay! Tobacco products kill over 8 million people every year. The industry is targeting youth to replace people that their products are killing so they can make a killing in profits. It’s time to #SpeakOut! #TobaccoExposed”

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