Every human being desires to be respected. This is why people get confrontational when they notice that they have been disrespected by other people in the society. However, certain moral scholars have said that respect needs to be commanded and not demanded. When respect is demanded, it becomes forced and loses its savour. This is however how you can gain the respect you deserve:

  1. Be aware of what is happening in people’s lives. Act as an observer before taking action. Show genuine interest and empathy about them, this makes them respect your opinion and you in turn.

  2. Work upon yourself. Follow your goals. Be the best everyday. Make sure you keep adding value consistently every day. When you do this, you earn the respect of people around you.

  3. To gain respect, you must be worthy of being respected. Be a good person – someone who looks out for the best in others, who follows through on his or her promises. Tell the truth, be transparent, and genuinely care about others.

  4. Respect is reciprocal. This is one basic principle that should not be forgotten if you really desire respect. When you respect others others respect you. This is an unbroken law that has been working since ages. Respect is a direct reflection of how you treat others. Building respect takes time and is earned as you interact with others. Note this and adjust your attitude and personality accordingly.

  5. Gaining the respect of others begins with respecting and believing in yourself. A lack of self-confidence is easily recognized – consciously or subconsciously – by those from whom you wish to earn respect.

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