Positive affirmations always lead to positive beliefs about yourself or whatever situation you are creating an affirmation for. When you hold positive beliefs about yourself, definitely, your whole life is affected positively. Here is how to create affirmations that can change your life, especially if you have not created one before.

  1. Start with the words “I am.” These are the two most powerful words in the English language and they sure have a positive or negative effect on your image, depending on how you use them.

  2. Use the present tense. To connote that it affects your current situation. A great way to create an affirmation is to state the change you want to see as if it is already happening. Thus, instead of saying – “I will be an author”, you say “I am an author”.

  3. State it in the positive: Always write in a positive tense. Avoid the use of ‘not’ in your affirmations. This will keep your thoughts and energy positive for best results.

  4. Keep it brief. Keep it simple yet exciting. You do not have to use ambiguous words.

  5. Make it specific. Make sure you go straight to the point of purpose, by stating what you want to achieve through the affirmations.

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