Starting and participating in conversations on social media is ideal for brand building and recognition.

Here is a step-by-step guide on improving your digital presence.

1- Choose the right network/platform for your products or services. Choosing the right network comes down to who your audience are, where they are, and your business or marketing goals.  Facebook, twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn, Pinterest are all platforms for building your digital presence.

2- Set a goal. Your techniques for driving sales, for instance, will be different from your approach if you want to improve your customer service offering, generate leads, engage customers, or expand your audience. So it’s important you have a goal in mind and know what you want to accomplish.

3- Have a strategy. Having a goal for improving your social media presence is great, but you need a plan to help you get there once you know what you want to achieve.

4- Make a content creation plan. Some of the important things you should know before creating content is your audience. Things like their age, gender, likes, needs, behaviours, challenges, lifestyles. Also, your content should always be relevant and in different visual forms like videos and images.

5- Actively engage your audience with relevant topics and trends. Social media is about connection and engagement, and that’s one of the way you can foster the relationships you want to build and gain the trust of your audience. There are ways you can engage with your audiences which are; posting and answering questions, addressing complaints, showing appreciation for customers and commenting on posts.

6- Build consistency around the content on your brand ; It’s crucial that every post you make is in line with your brand and image. This can become problematic if you have multiple people assigned to the task of posting on social media because everybody will bring their own personality and ideas to their posts.

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