The Federal Government is about to fulfil its promise of transparency and accountability in relation to the implementation of the recovered Abacha’s loot by declaring the opening of technical bids for the Consulatancy Service to monitor the implementation of the loot.

This declaration was announced by the Head of Asset Recovery and Management Unit at the Ministry of Justice, Ladidi Mohammed. The aim of the bidding process is to ensure that a Civil Society Organization Monitoring Team oversees the implementation of the loot which enables transparency. Also, the Civil Society Monitoring Team will also give report of the implementation to the public, which enables accountability.

She said, “The bidding process shall be carried out in a transparency manner in line with the law, criteria and provisions. After the technical bid, People that meet the requirement would come for the financial bid and those not qualified would be communicated. Everybody would be involved so that Nigerians would see what the government is doing”.

In response to this announcement, seventeen Civil Society Organizations have applied to be given the appointment to oversee and monitor the implementation of the loot. These organizations are:

  1. Triump Oil & Gas Ltd

  2. International Action Center

  3. GPM Associates

  4. Phenai Consults Ltd/Africa In Foundation Infrastructure

  5. CLEEN Foundation

  6. Olotu Lekan F. & Co

  7. Anti-Corruption and Research-Based Data Initiative

  8. Public & Private Development Center

  9. PPP Advisory Consortium

  10. Center For Social Justice

  11. Arewa Community and Social Development Network in Nigeria

  12. Quadrante

  13. IBLF Global

  14. Restitution Impact Limited

  15. Urban Projects Prospects Integrate Services Ltd

  16. Foundation for Public-Private Partnerships

  17. Global Society for Anti-Corruption

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