Financial independence is very much possible with the following tips:

  1. Budget. Make a budget and be disciplined enough to follow it strictly. It will help you curb unnecessary spending.

  2. Save. Save money monthly, put away as much as you can.

  3. Invest. Invest in long term security bonds. You can also invest in mutual funds, however you should tread with caution so that you don’t lose so much money to scammers.

  4. Emergency funds. This is also a form of savings, however for emergency situations that may arise.

  5. Make it a rule not to borrow: However, where that is necessary, make sure you take a loan with low interest rates so that it would be easy to pay back.

  6. Get a debit not a credit card.
    Imagine all the things you can get with a credit card, imagine all the debt you can easily acquire too. Remove temptation by opting for your pocket friendly alternative which is the debit card. That way you can only spend what you have.

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