The weekend is here already but talk about a weekend in a period of pandemic as this. You can’t go out to visit friends, see places you’d love to, no events or weddings to attend, public gatherings are limited to a certain number. This might leave you to wonder on the interesting ways to rounding up your weekend. Here are few things you can do.

1- Take care of your health; Exercise can be a little awkward especially when you are just starting. Go for a long walk, a run or jog.
Perhaps you feel you have taken excess weight, this weekend could be the time to continue on your weight loss journey

2- Love on someone; call an old friend, a family member, or do a video call. Share old pictures with your friends reminding them of the places and good moments you guys shared together.

3- Try new recipes; prepare a new dish you’ve been eyeing up, since it’s a lockdown season, you don’t have guests to let down if it goes wrong and if it goes right you can own it all by yourself.

4- Relax and read a book; This can be very difficult to many people who don’t have the habit of reading, but read anyway. Reading helps you grow. You challenge yourself to become better when you read, your mind is alert and you become mentally stronger.

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