Since the Coronavirus pandemic has confined many students at home for months, the question of whether to reopen schools now or later is increasingly pressing.

So far, families have remained indoors with children patiently waiting for the school bells to ring while the students who have access to technology and internet attend the virtual classes online. Virtual classes are now possible because schools and private institutions have established a remote and online teaching and learning programme for all students as they are committed to keeping their children on track with learning at all times. In my opinion, this appears to be safe enough for the kids.

The return to school in this crucial time may be perilous because the children are at a greater risk of contracting the virus. Social distancing rules and personal hygiene practices such as washing of hands and using hand sanitizers are almost impracticable with little kids either on the assembly ground or at the playground.

However, secondary schools and higher institutions where hygiene measures can be adopted such as strict handwashing and disinfection, physical distancing and the demarcation of seats to ensure students do not mix more than necessary can reopen progressively.

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