Food forms a great part of our culture; these are African dishes you will definitely enjoy. If perhaps you travel to these African countries in future, don’t forget to taste these dishes:

1- Piri Piri chicken from Mozambique: It’s generally known simply as grilled chicken piri piri by tourists, and is traditionally served with matapa, a dish of cassava leaves cooked in a peanut sauce.

2- Kapenta with sadza from Zimbabwe: It comprises of two species of small freshwater fish. They are a much-loved source of protein for Zambia and Zimbabwe. Like many African dishes, Kapenta is often accompanied by a mountain of delicious maize porridge, known in Zimbabwe as Sadza.

3- Chambo with nsima from Malawi: It’s the most popular and best-known fish found in Lake Malawi, and a great national favorite. It’s served grilled along the lake shore, usually with nsima (a stiff porridge very similar to South Africa’s pap and Zimbabwe’s sadza) or with chips.

  1. Egusi soup with pounded yam from Nigeria: Egusi soup is made with ground melon seeds and bitter leaf, onions, fermented beans and a variety of fish. It can be served with EBA, Pounded yam or Semo too.

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