It is quite saddening to see that the root cause of the Twitter battle between Dr. Isa Patanmi of the Nigerian Communications Commission and Mrs. Abike Dabi-Erewa of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission is the inadequacy of a government office space that could conveniently accommodate workers of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission which led them to request for a secluded office space from the Nigerian Communications Commission.

This is saddening yet surprising especially since one of the major functions of government is the construction of adequate infrastructure for private and public use. However, the story behind Mrs. Abike Dabi-Erewa and Dr. Isa Pantanmi’s conflict is a story of how deteriorated government infrastructures and facilities are.

Majority of the existing government offices are in poor condition with limited space, and deficient supply of resources for rehabilitation and renovation. The Federal Government and other well-meaning citizens should address this lack and make sure that the proper funding of building and maintaining government structures is released and appropriately managed. This is for the sake of ensuring that government workers work at their best and increase the productivity of the nation.

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