Do you know someone who just recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic and you are wondering how to make a difference by not stigmatizing the patient Here are some suggestions on how to support them:

  1. Reach out to them. Listening to Covid-19 survivors could help them feel calm, comforted and safe. It enhances their sense of hope and optimism when we treat them like every other person. Say no to stigmatization.

2- Engage them in exercises. The survivors of the pandemic may feel sad, fear, or estranged from other persons. Encouraging them to exercise will not only help them stay physically fit, it will also boost their mental health. This is because exercise can be therapeutic.

  1. Find healthy ways for them to relax like listening to soothing music, watching sports, meditation and other fun activities. This could help limit their exposure to contents about the pandemic.

  2. Surprise them. We all love beautiful surprises, so getting a special surprise gift for them would be good.

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