Entitlement mentality is a real and ongoing psychological issue in today’s society and these are its few signs:

  1. Give Little Recogniton to Others. Those with this mentality think no other person is good enough because they want to remain in the spotlight.

  2. Attention seeking: They seek attention and approval from everyone at all times.

  3. Doesn’t listen to another, they tend to dominate conversations and switch off when it is not about them.

  4. Feels all knowing. Always dispensing advice even when no one asks for it and the worst part is they want to put their opinion into your throat.

  5. One up-manship. Always have a story, or a situation that makes them more important or great. Anything you do they can do better

If you find yourself in this position, these are methods on how you can get out of the entitlement mentality:

  1. Face reality, drop the rose colored lenses. Life is nothing like the fantasy you’ve got in your head, stop feeding your own ego. You are 1 of 7 billion plus humans on earth and that’s okay.

  2. Earn whatever you want. Nobody is going to hand you heaven on a platter of gold. Realize nobody owes you anything.

  3. Be open to opinions of other people and be willing to learn at all times.

  4. Practice active listening. Listen to people the way you want to be listened to

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