7 Online Courses from Nigerian Online Course Makers You Should Take

The Lockdown is good for your safety, but don’t totally lockdown your career. Why not take some online courses?
With online courses, anyone from any part of the world can gain knowledge in any field of interest for free or almost. All you need is a computer; laptop, tablet or Smartphone – internet connection, commitment and a self-made schedule. You can even get a certificate on completing the course in no time.

These are the following courses you can take from Nigerian online course makers:

  1. Launch your Online Course with Stephanie Obi: Stephanie Obi teaches entrepreneurs how to monetize their knowledge as they build their personal brand. Stephanie Obi teaches entrepreneurs not only to make money from their products but also how to make money from teaching their courses.

  2. YouNow121: Yetunde Bankole Bernard, an identity coach organizes this course to help you discover your strengths and your weaknesses in order to fully harness who you really are.

  3. Monetize your message with Steve Harris: Steve Harris is an online course guru that helps entrepreneurs to monetize their message as they make a difference in leadership.

  4. Business out of the box with Steve Harris: This online course helps entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and crush their goals in the face of challenges.

  5. Business Growth Workshop: In this course, Tricia Ikpowonba teaches entrepreneurs the tools and strategies of growth in any given business. Tricia Ikpowonba also trains businesses how to position their brand and gain a competitive advantage over other competitors.

  6. Online financial literacy programs: These courses are designed by Oluwatosin Olaseinde who teaches financial literacy and financial freedom courses that makes savings and investments possible.

  7. Social Entrepreneurship Excellence Course: This course is designed by Olusola Amusan in order to enable entrepreneurs shape a better world and also in helping entrepreneurs to build a successful business from scratch.

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