We’re excited to be one of the world’s leading media & entertainment group promoting Africa’s renaissance.

When people are asked what they think about Africa, their answers usually revolve around “war,” “famine,” “animals,” “jungles” and “poverty.” While these words are indubitably a part of Africa, they only represent a tiny thread of a vast and ancient tapestry resplendent with more than 6,000 years of Africa’s history, culture and heritage. One Africa Global ’s mission is to afford the general public with African cultural and artistic experiences that promotes the sense of Pan Africanism, make known the prospects in Africa and position Africa as the perfect destination for investment and by so doing, making Africa great again.

Everything we do is driven by our love for one united Africa and taking her to the World.
Africa’s culture, heritage, her talented people who continuously places her on the map and our loyal audiences are all the reasons for this dynamic and unstoppable brand.

In the attempt to contribute to Africa, we join millions of Africans all over the world to celebrate Africa Day. This year, One Africa Global is taking a new dimension in this celebration. We’re set to televise the first ever African “COVID-19 HOPE FOR AFRICA VIRTUAL BENEFIT CONCERT” which is aimed at raising funds to purchase Testing Equipment and over 50 Million pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all African countries to flatten the curve of the COVID 19 Spread.  Our goal is not just to raise funds, rather to help create a healthy future and restore hope.
The Virtual Benefit Concert is equally as important, as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate our successes and reflect on the challenges as well as explore opportunities for transformation and deepen a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity.

As a People, we share a common passion for excellence and we are here to celebrate that passion, highlight it and broadcast it to the world. We at One Africa Global have firmly secured our thumbprint on the history of African entertainment. We plan to produce, promote and prepare the world for African excellence.

Furthermore, the unity and prosperity of our continent and our people remain threatened by internal and external unprincipled elements that hold Africa back. It is vital therefore to use this medium to galvanize all progressive minds behind a solid unifying agenda towards an Africa that takes it’s rightful place in the global arena. In this regards, we support the AU Agenda 2063 and many regional initiatives that seek to promote people driven, and smart development, in a combined effort to build the unity of Africans.

The vision of One Africa Global, a borderless Africa and an African common mindset must be realized now. To this end, we need the contribution and participation of all in the celebration of the essence of being African and in memory of those we have lost along the way, and in paving the way for future African peoples. May the spirit of togetherness, of each of us being connected to all of us, resonate from the streets of Africa and reverberate across the borders and boundaries of the continent.

We also on this day embrace the opportunity to reflect and remember those whose lives were lost or impacted by several conflict, pandemic and territorial dispute and call on relevant authority to continue their good work to ensure safety of lives and properties of Africans.

We call for a renewed strengthening of efforts and collaboration to stand in solidarity with one another against xenophobia, Afrophobia, racism, hate speech and criminal violence in Africa and around the world. We call for continued peaceful responses in alignment with AU’s efforts to establish policies and frameworks as a unified continental governing body in the face of disunity.
In this light, we also remember past living and falling African leaders, queens and empresses; Queen Yaa Asante wa of Ghana, Queen Ranavalone III of Madagascar, Empress Taitu of Ethiopia, Queen Amina of Zazzau of Nigeria, Madam Yoko or Mammy Yoko of Sierra Leone, Pharoah Hatsheput of Egypt, Queen Nzingha of Angola, Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe, Queen Muhumuza, of the Great Lakes Region, Kahina, Queen of the Berber Nation, Kimpa Vita, the “African Jeanne d’Arc” from the Kingdom of Congo and Queen Pokuo of Ivory Coast.

We support the rising momentum supporting the realization of an African Renaissance and Pan-Africanism unity. Equally, we celebrate the efforts and actions to establish and maintain peace by local peacebuilders and mediators from the continent in countries such as Burundi, South Africa, the Eastern DRC, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia.
We support local actions on conflict transformation that aim to protect vulnerable communities against violence, pandemics, and conflict.

We acknowledge the need to consolidate and share information, experience and training across multiple levels. This considers building stronger connections between community based movements, and national, regional and continental decision-making bodies. We recognize the need to influence the media to cover the many stories of solidarity, hope, love, peace and progress emerging from our continent.

With this spirit of solidarity and unity, let join hands in celebrating Africa Day!
Join millions of Africans at home on Sunday, 31st May 2020 from 7pm-10pm to watch a host of A-list African Artistes perform at the COVID-19 Hope for Africa Virtual Benefit Concert, which will air on Africa Magic Family DSTV, and GOTV. You can also watch online via the One Africa Global YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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