If you are going to be staying at home for a long time, then, you really need to be able to keep your home clean and fresh. Besides, our homes should be cared for since they form a large part of the wellbeing of our physical and emotional health. These are the tips required to keep your home clean and fresh:

  1. Sweep, mop and clear away the cobwebs. Sweep the floor to remove dirt, mop the floor to remove smears and smaller particles of dirt and clean the cobwebs nestled in the corners of the room.

  2. Empty and clean out your garbage disposal system. Make sure that nothing is left in it to rot, wash completely with soap rinse with clean water and air out until it is dry before bringing it inside.

  3. Air out the house regularly, lift the curtains, open the windows and allow air to move through the house to take away musty tones and drifting odors. You can also make use of an air freshener or a home diffuser to give your home a pleasant smell.

  4. Upgrade your furniture. Remove old furniture to ensure that all odors lingering in them is removed with their removal

  5. Decorate your home: You can either make use of an interior designer or use natural flowers to decorate your home so that it can have a new look.

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