Child bullying is still a thing going on in communities and schools. As a parent, here are the tips that can help you as you help your child through bullying in a way that won’t affect their personal development negatively:

  1. Listen to what your child has to say, don’t be quick to belittle the words of the child or ascribe blame. Just listen, they need you to pay them some positive attention. Besides, the first step to knowing when your child is being bullied is by listening to them.

  2. Don’t make steps of retaliation. This may lead to more intense bullying of your child. It is better to withdraw your child from the school or group of friends, than to do something that would make your child suffer more harm.

  3. Show your child on how to react to bullying in ways that do not set off the situation. This may include walking away or defending themselves verbally or in other cases appealing to a higher power to take control of the situation.

  4. Always support your child no matter what the situation is. It is enough that he has feelings of being rejected from his peers; he shouldn’t have to deal with rejection from home too.

  5. Remember to seek help for your child in cases of emotional trauma, try to find things that he/she is good at to boost his/her self-esteem because bullying is targeted at self-esteem and most of all teach him/her not to shy away from the issue at hand.

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