Here is how to cope with your roommate during the pandemic, especially since you are going to be indoors most of the time:

Tolerance! Your roommate might be the one who does not believe in the Coronavirus pandemic and still does things without following the guidelines. What to do in this instance is to bring out your tolerance gifts and focus on the positive sides of your roommate. Looking at the positivity sides of your roommate will help build your tolerance levels.

  1. Talk about things early before they boil over. Don’t wait until you lose your cool, don’t be a nitpicker either, when a situation arises, deal with it before it escalates.

  2. Establish (workable) boundaries. Without infringement of the right of others, establish boundaries that are set and cannot be violated. This would include a joint decision and it would also require that you also respect your room mate’s boundaries.

  3. Carefully raise issues, don’t use aggressive or accusatory tones. When you’re have issues to take care of, keep your tone neutral, it helps you to present the case quickly and persuade the other party(ies) to the validity of your point of view.

  4. Assume responsibility for your emotions. Don’t cast the blame of your mood or emotional extremes on the other party, keep cool, keep calm and also do your best to take responsibility for your unhealthy habits that may affect your roommate negatively

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