Never did I ever think of the day I would share or see the importance of looking good for staying indoors, but the times are different and we have to progress with it. Asides not getting caught ‘unfresh’ ever – getting those intrusive house party calls or Zoom meetings with clients and business associates – it is advisable not to lose yourself during this period.

There is some form of motivation that comes with getting up, taking a shower and getting dressed every day and without the routine, you could easily fall into a slippery slope of uncertainties – we’re there, but the goal is to not make it worse.

The ultimate question is: How do you stay stylish amid lockdown and not let the fashionista in you die? Staying at home can be boring but you don’t have to look it, so I’m going to share with you ideal outfits to don while staying at home. Without further ado, here are some loungewear fashion inspiration you could adopt while being productive at home…

    Just because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t flash some skin in a crop top. Extra bonus styling points: It also can be layered over a turtleneck for daytime wear.

    Now this is so trendy! A throwback hoodie is now the coolest thing to wear, especially if you order it a size up for extra slouch.

  3. A COMFY PJ TOP for a night with the girls.

Spending a chill evening with a few friends at home? Forget about wearing something tight and itchy. A cute striped cotton top is made for wine and talks that’ll feed your soul.

  1. A COZY SWEATER for weekend brunches. Wear with nice jeans and have a wonderful get-together with your besties or boyfriend.

  2. THE LONG CARDIGAN you can wear everywhere.
    From working on your computer to playing round the house; a long, chunky cardigan can be a great layering piece — even over that bright slip dress. Just picture leaning over casually and having it slip just so on your shoulder…

  3. A PJ PANTS that doubles as elegant trousers
    Here’s a trick that comes from the street-style set — pajama pants make for most stylish bottoms. Throw a cozy, chunky knit sweater on to hide the elastic waistband and play up the long silhouette with simple pumps.

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