For the emotionally sensitive, introspective and deep thinkers, social anxiety is a real thing and it is often damaging. Here are a few tips to deal with it:

  1. Realize you are not alone. You are not the only affected, there are also many people who share your similar feelings, gripped with a sudden panic in social situations. Knowing you are not alone takes a load off the mind.

  2. Change your mindset, be positive about social situations. Don’t think of all the possible ways it could go wrong. Why don’t you instead tell yourself “what if it goes right”?. Yes, what if your gave that presentation perfectly and what if they laughed at the joke and not you? What if you walked with confidence and weren’t clumsy? Entertain the positive ‘what ifs’.

  3. Focus on your breathing. Don’t look at people or their expression, most times you get lost try to decipher what they mean by their look. Focus on your breathing instead. In, and out! That also helps you handle the panic.

  4. Just do it. Don’t take time on deliberations and stop entertaining your fears, just do it.

  5. Get additional help, be it from a therapist or a coach,if you feel you need that extra help? Go for it! Self-help books also help a lot


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