Celebrities are usually public figures because of one thing or the other which makes them very known to the public. They are fond of having fans and followers who adore them and praise them with every opportunity they get. On the other hand, they are more susceptible to online trolling which attempts to belittle them or their works.

Celebrities, no matter how popular they get, are humans also who can be affected emotionally and mentally by people who use the internet as a cover to pull down their self-esteem. This act of trolling is also known as cyber bullying and it usually involves the use of hateful comments against a person.

As a celebrity, being able to deal with trolls is a skill that every celebrity should learn in order to protect their emotional and mental health. Here are ways to deal with a troll:

  1. If a troll accuses you of something you did wrong, it’s better you simply admit your wrongs, apologise and move on. The troll might be a fan who was hurt by your actions.

  2. Be kind to yourself: When you recognize a hateful comment about yourself, instead of feeling bad or allowing your emotional health to be dragged by online trolls, the first response should be kindness to yourself. Don’t agree with your trolls and practice self-compassion.

  3. Confrontation: When you practice self-compassion towards yourself, you would be able to reply appropriately to an online troll. You can confront a troll with the use of sarcasm or humour or by just telling the troll the undiluted truth. Whatever method you adopt, make sure that you do not let that hateful comment stay with you.

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