A Partnership of the Real Kings: Why itel and Olamide are a perfect fit

It’s easy for anyone to refer to themselves as kings. But not everyone puts in the work and efforts that make them real kings.

However, there is a relationship that helps with understanding and appreciating what real kings stand for. It’s the partnership between smartphone giant, itel Mobile, and famous Afro-pop star, Olamide.

It is no news that both brands connect on so many sides. They know exactly how to take care of people, and that they are working together at this time to serve a joint kingdom of brand lovers and fans does not come as a surprise.

itel and Olamide speak the same language in terms of what they stand for and offer. They are manufacturers of enjoyment andproviders of necessity in large quantities.

Olamide holding one of itel Mobile’s flagship devices

If you want to talk about aspirations, both brands support this as much as they can, without relenting and dropping the ball. You’d find this in the catalogue of mobile communication devices from itel Mobile. It is also easy to spot this element in the songs and albums released by Olamide. With this partnership, it is the complete package deal for the brands’ lovers who want more happiness and more wins.

Olamide signing the brand ambassador contract with itel Mobile

Acceptance equally makes the partnership between itel and Olamide a perfect fit. They make reliable and affordable products (smartphones and songs) for the same market – the mass market. Dedication to this market has earned both brands a significant share in this market. A share that beats the efforts of competitors.

It is pretty difficult to find anything amiss in the relationship between the Real Kings – itel and Olamide. It is the right fit and meets the standard of a perfect partnership for both brands and their people.


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