Usually, the question “what is your genotype” does not fall in the list of first date questions you ask someone you meet for the first time – especially, in instances when love just happens between two lovers. This is because when there is an emotional connection between two people, they usually go flow with this connection until there is a reason to question the love – in this case, the reason being genotype compatibility.

In Nigeria, many people assume they are of a particular genotype because of their perseverance in dealing with the effects of mosquito bites. Thus, while some guess right, some find out that their genotype is not linked to their guess at all.

The latter category might end up being in a tight situation, especially when there is a case of genotype incompatibility. Due to the medical reasons involved, the lovers might be forced to go their separate ways.

What do we call this situation? An hindrance to true love? Can’t there be another alternative or solution to genotype incompatibility? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us.

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