Savings. Start saving, no matter how little make sure money is set aside for the future.

Investment. Invest, take time to ferret out the best type of investments, do not be taken in by criminals in your endeavors.

Housing. It’s time you build or buy your own home. Rent is a monthly due that takes a chunk of any salary. Buy or build your own house, it is not only a way to cut down on expenses but it is an asset you acquire.

Cutting unnecessary expenses. Do you need it? That thing you are about to buy is it absolutely necessary? If not drop it back, the money can be better utilized, if not? Save it
Pay off all debt. Retirement is no time to be caught with your pants down. Pay off those debts

Create a budget. Create a financial budget to help you manage your spending and stick to it.

Emergency funds. Set aside funds for emergency situations, like for health issues barring normal medical check-up.

Take care of yourself. Health is wealth, there is no substitute for a body at its peak. Make sure to visit the doctor regularly and follow all health instructions to ensure you enjoy your retirement when it comes.

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