It is a settled fact that apart from staying at home, the next effective method of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is by washing of hands. Besides, we come in contact with different objects that carry germs and viruses and it is therefore important that we wash our hands after coming in contact with these things:

  1. Your laptop keyboard: Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, most people have been working from home and have therefore had a reason to stay with their laptop most of the day. When the palms becomes sweaty, the bacteria from the sweat can stick to the keyboard. Also, those who eat while typing might have food crumbs in between their laptop keyboards which becomes contaminated and grows into a germ. Thus, after working on your laptop, the first point of action should be to wash your hands. You can also clean your laptop keyboard by rubbing an alcohol-based sanitizer on a cotton wool to clean in between each key. This should be done after the laptop has been shut down.

  2. Anything in the rest room: From the door to the sink, everything is covered with bacteria. Thus, utmost care needs to be taken when in the restroom also, tissues can be used when opening the toilet door and when using the sinks. Tissue papers must however be disposed immediately.

  3. ATMs: ATMs will forever remain a public place which is vulnerable to lots of bacteria and viruses. Thus, it is important to wash your hands after using the ATM as you are not sure if the previous persons who used the ATM are infected with the virus already.

  4. Remote Control: Because everyone is staying at home, everyone has access to the remote control whether they just touched their nose or not. Therefore, it is important you wash your hands after using the remote control and also use an alcohol-based sanitizer rubbed with cotton wool to clean the remote control.

  5. Money. We never know the real source of the cash in our hands, it is therefore important to wash our hands after handling money.

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