Have you ever thought about forgiving yourself? It is a strange concept that most people never catch a hint of, in fact many believe it to be superfluous yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

The best way to get over self-inflicted wounds is simply by forgiving yourself. You need to slow down on the regrets, stop that endless parade of faults and shortcomings in your mind.
Sure you have made a few mistakes but everyone alive has, some much worse than you.

Remember you are only flesh and imperfect and that you are allowed to make mistakes. Remember that no one has a manual for life, we all stumble and learn.

Remember the good times too, no matter how fleeting yet evident. Remember that everyone has regrets but also remember the future is a bright canvas, a chance for the better. Lower those impossibly high standards and forgive yourself, believe me it is long overdue.

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