Everyone has dealt with toxicity at work, from bosses that want to grind you into the dust and co-workers who sabotage you or seem to leave the entire work load to you and take the praise.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much do I need this job. That clarifies your strategy: stay or go.
If you are staying, these are the tools you need to use:

  1. Appeal to an impartial higher power, find a boss of the boss and lodge a formal complaint, for reference purposes if nothing.

  2. Focus on your work, make sure your effeciency is not put to question.

  3. Do not join office cliques, don’t align yourself to teams pitting against each other, stay neutral.

  4. Avoid taking shortcuts that may end up bringing you to question.

  5. Do not react to provocation, keep it professional even when they are being actively petty.

  6. Transparency and integrity is a must and in the event that nothing seems to tone down the animosity, then quit, remember your mental health is priceless and there is always something else to do, less paying maybe but surely less stressful.

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