Bola Ahmed Tinubu has taken to his Twitter page to commend the decision of the President in the appointment of Professor Gambari as the new Chief of staff. He went ahead to praise Professor Gambari for his renowned diplomacy and also asserted him to be a scholar and a statesman who has served the nation in several regards. He said that he is quite sure that the knowledge and experience gathered by Professor Gambari will definitely be of benefit to him in his new role.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu also sent his congratulatory messages to the new Chief of staff and also commends the President for his thoughtful decison to appoint Professor Gambari at a crucial time as this.

He also said “Prof. Gambari will work competently and with dedication to help President Buhari advance his policy and governance priorities just as he did in the past when he served as Minister of External Affairs in the 1980’s. My personal knowledge of Chief of Staff Gambari is that he is an erudite man who knows and loves this country, who strongly believes in the Nigerian project & President’s change agenda.

“He is no stranger to our party, APC, and its progressive national vision. Over a long and illustrious career, Prof. Gambari has proved his mettle nationally and internationally. His resume takes a back seat to none.

“He distinguished himself as an Under Secretary-General of the United Nations and as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Cyprus, Zimbabwe and Myanmar and Special Representative in Angola. He has made groundbreaking contributions in the areas of conflict prevention and resolution, democratisation and development in Africa. At this time when the entire world is combating the coronavirus pandemic and the economic consequences thereof, Prof. Gambari’s expertise and international reputation will help Nigeria galvanise national, regional and international efforts and resources to contain this viral menace and to advance Nigeria’s interests on other important matters.

“Chief of Staff Gambari has my best wishes and encouragement. His is a tough assignment, perhaps the hardest he has had, but he is a special person with great attributes. He will meet the challenge by discharging his duties with excellence and high purpose. May the guidance and protection of Almighty Allah be with him as he begins the task of assisting the President in forging a better Nigeria and a better life for all of its people”.

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