Nutritionists have spoken and written a lot on building physical strength; however, not much is said about building the mental strength. Mental strength is simply the capacity of oneself to be able to process the happenings around you and still come out strong out of it.

It is important that we build mental strength especially as stress and anxiety has become a part of our lives in the contemporary world. Being mentally strengthened means that a person is living his/her fullest life as well as being able to handle stress and anxiety.

You can develop your mental strength in the following ways:

  1. By practicing the art of focus: We live in a world of distractions, and this might often affect our ability to focus. However, being able to harness the power of focus in us will empower us mentally to be highly productive even in a highly tense and stressful environment.

  2. Journaling: The practice of journaling over the years has proven effective in helping humans manage the stress and anxiety-related traumas. Journaling is a mindfulness practice, that exercises the mind and allows the mind sort out its feelings ranging from stress to anxiety.

  3. Ask for help when it’s overwhelming: No one is called to do life alone; asking for help when it’s overwhelming is a self-humbling process we need to acknowledge and learn. This will strengthen us mentally as we get rid of stress and anxiety

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