Every professional worker should be acquainted with certain facts that will improve productivity in any given work they do. Some of these facts are highlighted as follows:

  1. Know the worth of your time and place value accordingly!

  2. Make plans before every move and make even more plans for possible variables, (making plans A, B and C).

  3. Keep business away from pleasure. That is keep your private life and professional life separate; ugly things happen when they are not separated.

  4. Keep on top of every changing trends! Be aware, be informed and research more.

  5. Control your attitude and negative tendencies especially in the face of adversity. Keep a calm and composed mind that exudes efficiency and confidence.

  6. Learn the art of small talk, a little conversation, enlightened and well informed can go along way in winning over people within your business circle.

  7. Keep your appearance professional, especially in situations where you might be at the losing end.

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