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The one reality show that keeps us at the edge of our seats, following every move, every word and keeping our hopes up, our fingers crossed as we pray, cry, laugh and vote for our preferree ones in a bid to put them at the forefront of the battle to fame and riches – Big Brother Africa. Yes! You know it and more than anything we look forward to it again this year.
Or don’t we?

The Lockdown threatens more than our daily routines, in fact everything is affected, fans in Nigeria and the world as a whole are wondering if the iconic television show would go on air again this year.

There is little wonder about our doubts as even auditions to get into the house have not been announced. In this Corona virus times we need more than existing, and staying alive, we need a sense of normalcy and a show of victory.

We need that feeling again, that excitement that keeps us at the edges of our chair as we watch the ones we love push forward into victory and fame. But there is a great doubt as to the holding of the Big Brother Naija show, due to the current spread of the virus.

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